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What is the BCTSA?  

The BRITISH COLUMBIA TARGET SPORTS ASSOCIATION is a registered, non-profit amateur sports organization that is the Sport Governing Body for Target Shooting in B.C., representing and serving Rifle and Pistol target shooters throughout the province. The membership consists of individuals and clubs interested in furthering the target sports as a safe, recreational and competitive sport and to improve the public acceptance of target shooting sports.

The disciplines we cover are Silhouette, Air Rifle, Smallbore Rifle and all Pistol shooting.

The sport sets no limits for those who are involved. Some want only an hour or so of recreation per week while others seek Olympic Gold Medals. Youths, adults and the very senior all participate throughout the province.
Target Shooting is a late specialization sport which means that participants tend to enter the sport in their teenage years and may attain peak performances as adults. While most sports rely heavily on physical fitness, size and speed, shooting remains a contest of skill and precision. Although physical conditioning plays a large part in success on the shooting range, mental preparation is the most important factor for shooters, who must remain calm and completely focused on their targets under the enormous pressure of competition if they wish to excel.

Male and female able bodied and disabled athletes, all enjoy shooting sports.

Target shooting is a year round recreation sport, outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter with Clubs located throughout the province. It is a contest of skill and precision. As with most sports today, you can spend a lot of money, but many shooters invest only a few hundred dollars in equipment and find the cost of ammunition and targets far less than expected. Most clubs have equipment to lend beginners to help them get started.

If you would like to enter a competition, a classification system is used which assures that the thrill of winning is available to everyone, so you are competing against others of similar and known ability.

This organization is supported by the Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Community Sport and Cultural Development and our Junior Athletes are also supported through the ViaSport Agency program 

What the B.C.T.S.A. does for you

  • Promotes the safe handling and use of firearms
  • Encourages and sponsors Junior shooting programs
  • Publishes the quarterly "TARGET SPORTS" newsletter
  • Conducts Provincial Championship Tournaments
  • Selects, trains and manages B.C. Junior & Senior teams
  • Standardizes and coordinates Target Rifle & Pistol Sports in B.C.
  • Conducts Training and Upgrading Clinics for Coaches and Officials
  • Participates in Canada Winter Games competitions in Air Pistol and Air Rifle
  • Provides organization assistance, program ideas & range layout advise to clubs using LTAD principles
  • Promotes favourable publicity for shooting and presents the sport correctly to the public and Government

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"We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through
the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development.”


Some Basic Information About Target Shooting - The BCTSA Way

Throughout history they have been a tool for survival, a tool of war, and since joining Olympic competition in 1896, a tool as part of a highly skilled sport. World Championships were held for the first time in 1897 in Lyon, France and in 1966 Shooting events were included for the first time in Commonwealth Games at Kingston, Jamaica.

In the Smallbore Rifle events, shooters fire high precision .22 Calibre target rifles and .177 Calibre air rifles in Provincial, National and Olympic level competitions. Competitors are required to use standard metallic sights on their firearms in all events except running target and some Silhouette events, in which a telescopic sight is permitted. Standard long rifle .22 Calibre rimfire ammunition is used in all rifle events except air rifle, which specifies .177 Calibre lead pellets.

Fullbore or Centerfire rifles are very similar in design to the smallbore guns but the distances shot vary from 100 M to 1000 Yds. and of course they shoot much larger calibre bullets.

Firearms in target rifle events are outfitted with stocks that may have adjustable cheek pieces and butt plates to allow a custom fit to the individual athlete. Air guns used in competition either house a cylinder to store the compressed air or gas necessary to propel the pellets or use a cocking mechanism to drive a spring-loaded piston back. When the trigger is pulled, the piston forces a precise amount of air out of the barrel along with the projectile.

Competition events are shot as Prone and 3-Position ( Prone, Standing & Kneeling ) for Smallbore and Highpower while the Silhouette, Running Target and Air Rifle events are Standing only events. More details on the different events may be found on various pages in this site.

The six Pistol ISSF shooting events (including four Olympic events) consist of both precision and rapid-fire target shooting from distances of 10, 25, and 50 metres always shot from the Standing position. Guns are generally .22 calibre while  Air Pistols are .177 calibre and are commonly custom fitted to each hand size and shape.
There is also a 3-Position Air Rifle competition which is being introduced into Canada at this time and there are active groups shooting this sport in the USA and parts of Europe.

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