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Smallbore shooting takes place at levels from individuals in clubs to the Olympics and World Championships.
Some of the major competitions which take place in the world are as follows;

A. Olympic Games.
The Olympic Games are open to all nations. Each country may qualify up to two shooters in each event, and in 2000 the women were allowed to send three athletes in the 3x20 event. The games have five rifle events: Men's 10 Meter Air Rifle, Men's 50 Meter Free Rifle Prone, Men's 50 Meter Three Position, Women's 50 Meter Three Position, and Women's 10 Meter Air Rifle. There are no team events in the Olympic Games. Only individual performance is recognized.

B. World Championships.
The World Championships are open to every nation with normally 3 athletes per event competing, and include all international rifle events. Shooters are eligible to win individual and team medals. The World Championships also include individual and team events for juniors.

C. Pan American Games.
The Pan American Games, unlike the Olympics or World Championships, are open only to the Caribbean nations, and countries from North, South, and Central America. Beginning with the 1999 Pan American Games, only individual medals are awarded at the Games.

E. ISSF World Cup Matches.
The World Cup matches are open to all nations with individual competition in the Olympic events. Normally, five World Cups are held each year. Venue selection rotates on a world-wide basis.

F. CISM (Conseil Internationale Du Sport Militaire Championships).
Participation in the CISM Championships is restricted to military personnel. It is fired annually, and centers on big bore (300 meters) competition. Slow fire, rapid fire, individual, and team events are all held. Women's 50 Meter 3x20 and Women's 50 Meter prone are also included in the competition.

G. Commonwealth Games
The Commonwealth Games which are held every four years, contain a full slate of shooting events.
Canada has enjoyed great success at this event over the years, particularly in the smallbore area. The last games were  in England in 2014 The next games are in 2018.

Event Cycle
With the exception of the World Cup matches, and CISM Championships, the major shooting championships are held once every four years. They are spaced so that two events do not occur during the same year. The last  Pan American Games were in 2015 and the next Olympics will be in 2020

Last Reviewed: January 25, 2017