Tech Note - Follow Through

  • 08 Aug 2019 11:46 AM
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    Darryl Craig (Administrator)

    The goal of follow-through is to not disturb the rifle in any way during the time between the trigger break and the bullet exiting the muzzle.

    In practice, there are two things you can do to develop good follow-through. The first is to keep pressure on the trigger after the shot, holding it in its most rearward position in a deliberate fashion. Letting the finger bounce forward is a common mistake, but with a bit of conscious effort this is easy to correct.

    The second skill is to keep your eyes focused on the target and watch the recoil as your sights move off the target and return. Good positioning becomes obvious as the rifle will return to a perfect sight picture if your hold technique is correct.

    By observing the recoil you will also become more adept at calling your shots. Assuming you’re set up on the rifle correctly (so that it recoils straight back and stays aligned with the target), you will be able see hits and misses at closer ranges.

    Try this exercise:  Using a rifle rest and a grouping target fire 20 shots while watching the effect of the recoil on the front sight. Check to see if the recoil is always moving in the same direction and for the same amount.

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